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 Angela Sarno

Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer

I create inclusive learning solutions that empower learners and facilitate change that makes a difference.

Recent Work

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A mandated skill for therapists

This branching scenario was created after multiple learners failed to correctly apply informed consent techniques.

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Fitness for women

This accordion type interaction outlines the benefits of olympic weightlifting for women

Professional Results

"Angela is innovative in her approach to designing synchronous and asynchronous learning that targets learning objectives. She is focused on results. Angela is able to blend her healthcare background and instructional design and development skills to produce work that makes a difference. I highly recommend her for any position or assignment."

Sarah Ferguson Potter

Storyteller, Hidden Catalyst

"Angela has many strengths. She is very tech savvy, and remains current with ways to make everyday tasks easier and time more productive. She has creative ideas and is good at making use of what resources are available to her to solve problems. Angela is also a great leader. She works to understand issues and find the best solution"

Dr. Susan Charnley

Assistant Professor, Program Director

Occupational Therapy Program

Lewis University

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